Thursday, June 28, 2012

Promising Patriotic Desserts for Your 4th!

Flag Cake
Whether celebrating your 4th of July with a big barbecue, potluck, or just a few friendly faces - serving a patriotic dessert will add sparks to your Independence Day!

Red Velvet Cake
Feeling particularly patriotic? Try our Flag Cake recipe. It's loaded with delicious fruits and treats! Or go with a true red-blooded American dessert and use our Red Velvet Cake recipe.

Pineapple Cake
Perhaps a lighter dessert is in order if warm weather is expected. Our Pineapple Cake recipe is the perfect pastry for your patriotic affair - fruity, fluffy and fun!

Blueberry Oat Muffins
Maybe you need something tasty and blue to add to your 4th of July morning, or afternoon? Try our Blueberry Oat Muffins - they are great to grab and go as a quick morning snack or afternoon teaser!

Raspberry Cake
Red, white and delicious - our Raspberry Cake will not disappoint! Finish off your 4th with a creamy, tangy mouthful of freedom as you savor the tart and sweet summer night.

Celebrate Independence Day with one of our desserts on hand and your guests with have explosive compliments and applause! Enjoy. Connect with us on Facebook to share your favorite 4th of July dessert.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thrillin Grillin for July 4th!

BBQ Beef Short Ribs
Hey now, you're an all-star. Get your grill on and get cooking! Ring in this year's 4th of July party with some grilled recipes that will blow your guest's socks off! Whether you are grilling for one, or a whole backyard of hungry on-lookers our grilling recipes will spark their interest!

Grilled Carribean Chicken Breast
Try a new spin on grilled chicken with our Grilled Carribean Chicken recipe. Tangy island flavor meets good old grilled goodness to bring you a pleasant combination of tastebud triumph!

Hawaiian Pork Chops
Add a little Pacific flair to your outdoor grilling ensembles with our Hawaiian Pork Chops. Get ready to experience an explosion of taste that will have you saying "aloha" to the other white meat!

Spicy Grilled Chicken w/ Baja Black Beans
Got guests with a flair for all things south of the border? Give them feisty, fierce grilled goodness with our Spicy Grilled Chicken paired with Baja Black Beans. Say that five times fast! (Wait until you've chewed properly.)

Patriotic Cake Balls
Okay, so this last recipe isn't a grilled anything. Instead, it's a plate full of yummy cake-ness. To add fireworks to your festivities, try our Patriotic Cake Balls. I promise they'll earn dynamite reviews!

Enjoy your summer grilling, Independence Day celebrations and any other adventures you take on! We'd love to hear about your grilling adventures so connect with us on Facebook!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

We've Gone Bananas...

Banana Pancakes
...for banana recipes! Whether it's breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert - we have a banana recipe for just about any occasion. Try our banana pancakes recipe for a potassium pick-me-up!

Banana Brownies
Need a fun fruity dessert idea? How about baking a pan of banana brownies for your next family gathering, just to mix things up a bit? Go from plain Jane brownies to monkey-mad brownies!

Low Carb Banana Bread
Banana bread is such a tasty treat anytime of year, but also makes a wonderful winter warm up or gift for the neighbors. Stop monkeying around and try our low carb version!

Banana Fudge
If any of you are chocolate lovers - one word for you: fudge! Create our banana fudge recipe and add a little tropical fruit flair to your fudge. (You could even serve this with coffee or a fruit drink!)

Banana Pudding Cake
Try our Banana Pudding Cake recipe for fun or for your next family night. Your little monkeys will love this moist baked creation almost as much as we do!

No matter how you take your bananas, enjoy trying some new ways to add them to your go to recipes! Find us on Facebook to share your favorite banana recipes!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Half Baked Getting Ready For Summer!

Baked Potato Soup
As Summer quickly approaches it's time to prepare for long hot days, beautiful cooling evenings and a plethora of dishes, cuisines, snacks and treats! Let's start Summer off with a few brilliantly "baked" recipes perfect for entertaining or any occasion.

Baked Vanilla Custard
As a warmer meal option for evenings filled with thunder, our baked potato soup recipe can't be beat.  Need a sweeter treat to follow it up with? Easy - try our baked vanilla custard and prepare for taste bud invasion!

Baked Pretzels
Whether you need poolside snacks or a late night treat, the baked pretzels recipe never fails to hit that perfect craving for something a little bit salty or a tiny bit sweet.  Your pretzel - your way!

Baked Donut Muffins
Morning meal got you stumped? Don't settle for bland oatmeal or eggs again. Try our baked donut muffin recipe and let the delicious odor fill your kitchen! It's easy make and slightly more healthy than the real Krispie Kremes.

Baked Stuffed Eggplant
Eggplant anyone? This baked stuffed eggplant recipe is a crowd pleaser - especially your veggie loving guests! Use our recipe to fill your eggplant with all sorts of gooey goodness to get your evening started.

Enjoy the "baked" tastes of Summer! Find us on Facebook and share your summer cooking ideas.
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