Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tasty Ideas for Memorial Day - Part 2!

Buttermilk Rolls
Whether leaving town for a camping trip or staying home for a quiet weekend, add these buttermilk rolls to your Memorial Day dinner to wow your guests!  Rolls go with almost everything!

Grilled Chile Lime Chicken
If grilling is your groove, we have some great grilling recipes over at the main site for you to savor and grill up.  Or use our grilled Chile Lime Chicken to spice up your holiday weekend!

Fruity Rice Pilaf
Tired of potato and macaroni salad? Try the fruity rice pilaf as an alternative. Keep things fresh and new with any of our tasty salad recipes.  Check them out!

Banana Pudding Cake
We'll leave you with our Banana Pudding Cake because 1. it's delicious and 2. its pretty easy to make in advance and serve at your Memorial Day feast, picnic, potluck or barbecue.

Enjoy your Memorial Day and long weekend!

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