Thursday, July 19, 2012

4 Northwest Regional Favorites

In honor of the 2012 Olympics coming up at the end of July, I thought it would be fun to feature famous foods from each state over the next few weeks. Enjoy!

Apple Pie w/ Candied Crust
Over in Washington apples are a pretty big deal. Our Apple Pie with Candied Crust recipe would make a delicious dessert come Friday night, July 27th! (Opening Ceremonies at the Olympic Games.)

Baked Potato Wedges
Ever been to Idaho? People probably think the whole state is covered in potatoes! It's not, but...there are a lot of potatoes here. Try the Baked Potato Wedges recipe and show a little love for the Gem State.

Crepes w/ Nutella & Bananas
I'm told Oregon is famous for its hazelnuts. And what's the main ingredient in Nutella? You guessed it! Hazelnuts! You will go nuts and bananas for our Crepes with Nutella and Bananas recipe!

Curried Pot Roast
We will not neglect our northern sister state, Montana. Three words for you...rocky mountain oysters. As I can't bring myself to try them (google it if you aren't sure what those are) I will happily substitute with another nice beef product - Curried Pot Roast.

However you celebrate the Olympics, include one of our recipes and enjoy a regional treat! Connect with us on Facebook to share your favorite Olympic dish, or visit Alicia's for hundreds of other free recipes!

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