Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hearty Baked Dishes for Winter

Welcome to Winter 2012!  If it's as chilly at your house outside as it is at mine, you could use some hearty recipes to prepare for your family, to keep everyone warm and toasty!  Below are three recipes with a "baked" theme to tie them all together just for you.

Baked Barbecue Beef Short Ribs

Ribs are always a huge hit around my house, and the three guys living here (hubby & two sons) will be drooling and thanking me before it hits the table.  What's your family's favorite beef dish?  Ribs, Roast, or other relished parts?

Baked Barbecued Pork Chops

And while we are on the subject of barbecued, let's not forget pork, the other white meat!  Although not as popular with some people, I find pork chops to be very easy to prepare and hard to mess up: thus, they have become a favorite at my house.

Baked Chicken

Last, but certainly not least and my personal favorite, Baked Chicken is on the menu this week!  Chicken is simple to prepare, easy to accent, and pleases most people since you can add spices to give it a zing or leave it a bit more plain for blander palettes.

Enjoy Winter!  And  as always, we love feedback and photos of your results!

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