Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Dinner Ideas!

Buttermilk Rolls
With Easter just a few days away, have you thought about your menu?  We have some ideas to simplify Easter dinner preparations, whether you are entertaining a crowd or small group of friends.  All you have to do is decide on ham or...ham!

Marinated Noodle Salad
Not to be outdone by it's more popular sister dish Macaroni Salad, this Marinated Noodle Salad is a fresh take on a traditional notion that Easter dinner requires a side dish made with pasta!  (Who am I to argue with tradition?  I happen to love pasta salad in any form it takes.)  

Ham & Potato Casserole
Because we know you just can't ever have enough ham or potatoes for Easter dinner, we included a nice casserole in our menu list that covers both!  This casserole is no slouch - easy to make, easy to bake!

Coconut Upside Down Cake
And lest we forget an appealing dessert to finish off your Easter dinner, we give you our Coconut Upside Down Cake, which we are absolutely nutty about.  Bake one and you will see why!  You should have everything you need to create a fabulous Easter dinner!  Now go, and buy that ham!

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