Thursday, October 4, 2012

East Coast Food Tour Part 3

Welcome to our FINAL tour of state foods and favorite recipes! We started with the West Coast and worked our way through all 50 states, discovering some interesting and delightful foods, finally arriving at the East Coast and our last three states on the map.

Thank you for joining me and sticking it out. Hopefully the ride wasn't too bumpy and you found some delicious new recipes to try, or the next time you venture into a new state - to eat!

For our visitors across the pond, even if you never come visit the United States, try some of our delicious recipes to add something new to your kitchen table.

It's no surprise that Vermont is famous for that most tasty of dessert treats - Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream! Since Ben and Jerry are sort of picky about giving out their proprietary recipes, I am sharing our homemade butter pecan ice cream recipe with you.

Butter Pecan Ice Cream

Ah, New Hampshire! One of my favorites, not because I have actually been to New Hampshire (although I plan to visit) but mainly because I love Maple Syrup. I've included our Brown Sugar Syrup as a substitute in case you either 1. don't live in New Hampshire or 2. don't have a maple tree.

Brown Sugar Syrup

Last, but never least: Maine and the land of Lobsters! I have had lobster just a few times in my life and absolutely love it. However, since seafood is not for everyone...I chose to share a Roast Chicken recipe with  you. (Mainly because I didn't have a lobster recipe on hand, and not because I think chicken tastes like lobster or vice verse.)

Roast Chicken

Remember to visit our October Recipes list for yummy fall focused foods and Halloween treats! Connect with us on Facebook to share your favorite autumn recipes or visit Alicia's Recipes for more free recipe and menu ideas.

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