Friday, November 16, 2012

Breakfast Ideas for Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is one week away and I'm guessing you know exactly what you'll be having for dinner! Potroast! Kidding...Turkey, right? And I'll bet you've got most of the menu ironed out, whether you are staying home or contributing to dinner at a friend or relative's house.

But what are you having for breakfast? Thanksgiving Day was always a busy day at our house growing up. My mom is all about the traditional Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner with all the fixings. Still, she always managed something clever, AND EASY, for breakfast.

I've found some simple breakfast ideas for you to try this Thanksgiving for breakfast. Because so many of us usually eat a pretty big afternoon or evening meal that day, it's probably best to keep breakfast a little on the lighter side.

Spicy Apple Crepes

Bacon Melt

Amish Pumpkin Bread

Egg Muffins

Blackberry Breakfast Bars

Whatever you decide to feed your family on Thanksgiving morning, keep it simple and keep it fun. Enjoy the day with your family and enjoy the food!

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