Thursday, December 13, 2012

Holiday Snacks

It's that time of year - snack time! The holidays may mean celebrating Christmas with family and friends, but they also signal our taste buds to get some serious snacking in before January 1st. Most of us are either staying in where it's warm and toasty with not much else to do but...snack, or we are headed out to parties, pageants and plays to frolic, make merry and...snack!

Whether you are a sweet or salty snacky person, I've collected just a few recipes here for you to try for your next holiday snack attack. Create these tasty little treats for home or to share at your next holiday gathering.

Amish Caramel Corn

Apple Crisp

Bacon Jack Deviled Eggs

Blackberry Muffins

Butter Cream Brownies

And so, the busiest season for shopping, sharing and snacking is here! Thankfully it only lasts a few weeks and then we all make resolutions to give up the snacking. Ah well...

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