Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tiramisu Bundt Cake review and new recipes

Recently I made this Tiramisu bundt cake. I have to make a confession here, I prefer homemade cake over box cake. My daughter on the other hand, prefers the box. This recipe uses a box. Because of my biast opinion, I have decided to give this cake a 3.5 out of 5, let me tell you why:

1) Easy, it's a box cake, a pint of coffee ice cream, and some eggs. Simple stuff.

2) The cake does taste like coffee. How couldn't it with a pint of coffee ice cream! :)

3) The tiramisu part I disagree with. There's too many elements missing, and believe me, I know, I love tiramisu! I think this really should have just been called coffee bundt cake.  I did add a dusting off cocoa powder on top of the glaze, but that still didn't cut it.

Overall, this is good, but again, I'm not a box cake person and it was overly soft to me. Good flavor though, so if you like really soft cakes, you'll like this! Oh and just so you know, I didn't follow the frosting instructions, instead I "painted" on a simple powdered sugar glaze with a pastry brush, let it dry, then added a glaze flavored with instant espresso.

Here are some more new recipes added to Alicia's this week!
Chicken Casserole for a Crowd
Chicken in Walnut Sauce - delicious, review coming!
Canadian Bacon Breakfast
Egg Sandwich
Cornbread Dressing
All Pumpkin's Night Stew - good stuff, review coming!
Cheesy Chipotle Polenta
Cafe Continental Pumpkin Muffins

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