Thursday, February 2, 2012

Savory Super Bowl Fixins!

In honor of Super Bowl XLVI, I have put together some dishes I think you will enjoy not just on Sunday, but anytime!  Whether you are entertaining a crowd during the game or just want to make something a little different, these recipes will not disappoint.

Crock Pot Cafe Rio Beef
Doesn't that Cafe Rio Beef in the tortilla look tasty?  Add some fresh tomatoes, salad greens, and maybe a little bit of guacamole and you have a touchdown taco!

Fiesta Dip
And don't forget the chips and salsa...wait I mean Fiesta Dip!  Why settle for the same salsa, when you can adventure out and explore a new chip dip with Fiesta flair?

PB and Chocolate Jumbo Rice Krispie Treats
Okay so this one breaks off from the Mexican Food theme we had going, but can you blame me?  I had to leave you with something sweet and delicious to complete your Super Bowl Sunday Spread!

Enjoy! Remember, we love feedback and photos!

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