Thursday, September 20, 2012

East Coast Food Tour Part 1

Welcome to the East Coast and East Coast eating! We've made our way across the country, with a brief stop in every state to access the famous foods and dishes as we go along...and it's been such fun. I hope you are enjoying our state by state food tour as much as I have enjoyed compiling and writing about it.

This week takes a little further up the East Coast through West Virginia to New York, and talk about diversity. I learned about strange foods like ramps and blue crabs, and learned that Pizza really is the most famous food out of New York. Enjoy!

West Virginia gets our tour started this week with...Ramps! From everything I found, ramps are similar to leeks or related to the onion family, depending on who you talk to. Since I didn't have access to a ramps recipe I included our Egg Drop Soup, to get you "ramped."
Egg Drop Soup

Maryland they like seafood, and more specifically they like it blue, as in Blue Crabs. Again, no blue crab recipe in the archives but I did find a nice Southwest Tuna Salad to wet your appetite for all things seafood.
Southwest Tuna Salad

In Delaware it's back to seafood stuff, especially the Crab Puff! (Unintentional rhyming, I promise.) Crab Puff recipes must be a well guarded secret with no picture found. So, I settled for Lemon Oregano Chicken.
Lemon Oregano Chicken

New Jersey, if you can believe it, is famous for their Italian Sub. I'm not really surprised. But I thought I would add a little twist and feature our Lasagna Bread recipe to change things up!
Lasagna Bread

New York is the Pizza capitol of the world, well according to them, and I have no problem with that self title. Again, I want to spice things up a little and found this Pizza Mexicana recipe that looks delicious.
Pizza Mexicana

Enjoy this week's state food tour. We may only have one or two more weeks left to travel up the Eastern sea board and explore the food. Connect with us on Facebook to share your favorite East Coast recipe, or visit Alicia's Recipes for more great ideas for food fixin'.!

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