Thursday, September 13, 2012

Southern Comfort Foods

We are in the home stretch of our tour across the US, visiting each state to find out what foods they are most famous for. We've been from the Northwest and Southwest states all the way to the Gulf coast. As we travel up the Eastern sea board state by lovely state, we'll take a brief stop in each one to enjoy the food!

Wouldn't you know it? Kentucky is famous for its fried chicken, so I dug up the best and most simple recipe I could find just in case you want to enjoy some soon!
Real Simple Fried Chicken

Tennessee was a a little bit of a surprise with it's love of tomatoes but I thought you might enjoy something a little different featuring this funny fruit.
Tomato Soup Salad

In North Carolina they enjoy something called "dry barbecue." I'm not entirely sure if that's a type of preparation or cooking process, or if it refers to the ingredients. Either way, I figured our short ribs would get you in the mood for barbecue!
Baked BBQ Beef Short Ribs

In South Carolina, their favorite famous food is something called Benne Wafers (a crispy Sesame Seed Cookie). These breakfast cookies were the closest recipe I had on hand and I think they'll do the trick.
Breakfast Cookies

Last but not least, let's venture into Virginia and enjoy some ham, because those Virginians certainly do. I added our Honey & Brown Sugar Ham recipe to "ham up" your weekend menu.
Honey & Brown Sugar Ham

I hope you enjoyed this week's state by state food exploration. Connect with us on Facebook and share your favorite state and it's food or visit Alicia's Recipes to find more food ideas you will love!

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