Thursday, August 30, 2012

Gulf Coast Guilty Pleasures!

Whether you're looking for some Mississippi Mud Pie or a tasty Louisiana Crawfish, you are sure to enjoy our recipe trip to the Gulf Coast region of the United States! And, although I fell short in finding exact matches for some of the states' famous foods, I came pretty close. Close enough that I think you'll like what you see and be motivated to give these guilty pleasures a go in your kitchen.

I always thought Louisiana would be most famous for something like King's cake, baked and eaten during Mardi Gras. But no, the natives down there prefer Crawfish when it comes to traditional eats. I came close with delicious Tuna & White Bean Salad to tempt your seafood loving taste buds.

Tuna & White Bean Salad
In Mississippi, they are all about Mud Pie, which is fine in my book. As I had no pictures of a perfect Mud Pie, I substituted with this Rocky Road Clusters recipe.

Rocky Road Clusters
Alabama was an easy one! Alabamans love all things Cornbread, and I had the perfect Johnny Cake Cornbread to tempt your tummy.

Johnny Cake Cornbread
Another easy one to guess - Georgia is still in love with their favorite fruit, Peaches! Here is a Peach & Almond Bread recipe to try, just in time for Fall entertaining.

Peach & Almond Bread
And we can't forget Florida. Can you say Oranges? I didn't have any Orange recipes that really jumped out at me so I included this Fruity Rice Pilaf, a nice dish to add those citrus gems to.

Fruity Rice Pilaf
Whichever state is your favorite, be sure to try their favorite foods! Connect with us on Facebook to share your favorite state recipe, or visit Alicia's Recipes for more delicious, free recipes.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Midwest Favorites Part 2

Have you enjoyed our blog series about popular foods from each state? Today's food trip continues through the Midwest, a little further east with a whole lot of taste. As I research foods and recipes, I have learned so much about each state and what they are famous for. And I have been surprised more than a few times. For example, in Minnesota they are apparently well known for their fried food on a stick. Give our homemade corn dogs a go to capture a little Minnesota taste.

Corn Dogs
I would have thought Iowa would be a shoe in for some sort of corn bread recipe or maybe cereal. Another surprise! Iowa is most known for it's love of loose meat sandwiches, such as pulled pork and barbecue beef. Here's a great recipe to get you on the Iowa loose meat kick.

Crock Pot Barbecue Beef
I never expected to learn that Missouri is famous for its toasted ravioli. I don't think I've ever had toasted ravioli, and I didn't have a recipe to offer either. So I moved to the next best thing, in my humble opinion...Lasagna!

Spinach Lasagna
Then there's Arkansas. First, the name is funky. Then I learned that Arkansas is renown for "jelly pie." I'm not even really sure what that is but it too seemed a bit funky. So I stuck with Shepherd's Pie instead. It seemed safer and technically it's still pie.

Shepherd's Pie
I hope you are enjoying our food tour through the states! Connect with us on Facebook to share your favorite state food and visit Alicia's Recipes for more great recipes like these!

Bon Apetite!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Midwest Favorites Part 1

Ready for Midwest food favorites? This week we head over to the Midwest states and check out what sort of dishes, food and feasting they are famous for! To start our tour let's visit Nebraska and all those corn fields. It's no wonder they call themselves the Cornhusker state, since they grow and husk A LOT of corn. Try our Corn Relish Recipe to celebrate Nebraska in style.

Corn Relish
The Midwest wouldn't be on the map without Kansas, also known for its bodacious barbecue and of course home to Dorothy and that Wizard dude. Our Barbecue Beef Casserole is a delicious way to explore Kansas, even if you can't get over there anytime soon!

Barbecue Beef Casserole
Oklahoma is one of those states I couldn't come up with an actual recipe picture for because not many people indulge in Okra delights. But...that's what Oklahoma is famous for and I am not one to down play all that "O" food. Try our no bake Oatmeal cookies to satisfy your "O" craving.

No Bake Oatmeal Cookies
I've been to Texas myself and I can tell you that many things are bigger in Texas, simply by virtue of size alone. The state is huge! I hope you have a huge appetite because in honor of Texas being the "Steak State" I featured our Boston Market Meatloaf as a possible recipe to help celebrate Texas's hugeness.

Boston Market Meatloaf
I hope you are enjoying our state by state tour of famous food and recipes. I am having fun putting these posts together. Don't forget to connect with us on Facebook to share your favorite State food, or visit Alicia's Recipes for more yummy and free recipe ideas.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

East of the Rockies Food Favorites!

As we approach the end of the 2012 Olympic Games, we say good-bye to some of our favorite athletes, sports commentators and the London Bridge. But the fun doesn't have to end with the Olympics. I'm just getting started on our recipe tour through the different regions of America.

And let me tell you, there is some good food to be tasted out there, in all those delicious states! Today finds us east of the Rocky Mountains and knee deep in some interesting foods.

We'll start the tour with North Dakota where I found something known as "Knoeplah" (pronounced "neff-la"). The name freaked me out until I discovered it's a dumpling! The name  comes from the German word Knöpfle meaning "little knob / button." The traditional soup is thick, made with knoeplah, chicken broth and potatoes - but can also be prepared as vegan.

Chicken & Dumplings
It's on to South Dakota and I discovered Chislic (from the Russian word shashlik), a cubed meat that is marinated and grilled or deep fried. In different parts of South Dakota (which is the only place that makes it), the meat may be beef, liver, lamb, or venison and cooked or served with garlic salt, barbecue sauce, Tabasco, or some other family marinade, soda crackers, and beer. It sounds mouth-watering!

Beef Burgundy
Heading over to Wyoming, home of the buffalo burger, I tried to find a picture and recipe for preparing and serving real live buffalo meat. Alas, I was unsuccessful. I can only tell you that I myself have enjoyed buffalo burgers on several occasions (my brother-in-law is a huge fan of the stuff) and I am happy to report that buffalo burgers are delicious. I highly encourage you to try them sometime. Until about Red Velvet cupcakes?

Red Velvet Cupcakes
South to Colorado we go - and into Denver Broncos territory, oh yes and the ever popular Denver omelette. Again, as I had no pictures of an actual Denver omelette, I settled for the next best thing. Give our All-in-one-quiche a try. It's got similar innards to the omelette. They are probably distant cousins.

All In One Quiche
Last but not least we'll check in with New Mexico, where they are quite famous for...chiles! Chiles are a wonderfully versatile little super food and my husband's favorite pepper. Chiles can be used in all sorts of Mexican food dishes and recipes, canning your own salsa and I've even tried chile jelly (served with crackers and cream cheese)! Add a few chiles to your next fiesta and pop some taste buds!

Lime Chipotle Chicken Quesadillas
I hope you have enjoyed your foodie tour to our featured states today! Come tour with us again. Next week we are headed to the plains and the Midwest. Connect with us on Facebook to share your favorite state food or visit Alicia's Recipes for more yummy free recipes!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pacific & Southwest Regional Foods

Now that the 2012 Olympic Games are in full swing, you've probably settled on a favorite event and/or a favorite athlete, especially if they share your home state (I think it's fun to cheer for co-state-natives).

Over the next few weeks I thought it would be fun to feature a recipe from each state. I started the series off with 4 Northwest Regional Favorites and now it's on to the Southwest and Pacific states to see what yummies we can discover.

Strawberry Filled Crepes
Yes, I realize California is known for its grapes, but since I couldn't find a feature worthy grape recipe, I settled for Strawberry Filled Crepes. Close right? Technically, a strawberry is small and round and juicy, just like a grape - so can't we consider them cousins or something? Anyway, enjoy.

Smothered Barbecue Chicken
During my research into popular foods from each state, I was surprised to learn that Nevada's most popular food is...The Buffet. Really? The Buffet? Is that on the food pyramid? Well, anyway who am I to argue with Google, so I found a recipe I thought might be fun on a buffet, our Smothered Barbecue Chicken!

Crock Pot Tacos
My search for an authentic Arizona Fry Bread recipe left me empty handed. But not to worry! I found this Crockpot Taco recipe instead and figured New Mexico wouldn't mind letting Arizona boast this one, at least  not here on the blog. I love crock pot recipes!

Crockpot Sticky Chicken
The state of Utah, home to the 2002 Winter Olympic Games and proud sponsor of Green Jello, was a bit of a puzzle. When I think of featured foods from each state, I think of foods found in nature in some form or other. Green Jello? Whatever floats your boat! As an alternate, because sometimes that happens in the food Olympics, I thought you would enjoy our Crockpot Sticky Chicken.

Salmon Cakes
Lest we forget our friend way up north, Alaska is one of those mysterious states known for its seafood, specifically King Lobster, but again, not having a great picture of a Lobster to share...I opted for the Salmon Cakes, which are one of my personal favorites and a winner at my house!

Pineapple Upside-down Cake
And last but not least, "the Aloha state" is a foodie's paradise. Hawaii's primary notorious food is the pineapple and for that we say thank you! I found this delicious looking Pineapple Upside-down Cake in our archives and salivated. Enjoy!

Enjoy the 2012 Olympic Games and share your favorite state food with us on Facebook. Visit Alicia's Recipes for all kinds of fun foodie finds!
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